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Can Spiritual Practice Help us to Have No Thoughts?

Having no thoughts, or having control over thoughts, is probably one of a larger reason why so many people decide to look into spiritual practices. The state of mind in average human is unfortunately very low, which means that it is polluted with thoughts of negativity, spite, anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, malice, violence, fear, depression...Sometimes people start to do some light form of inner work due to exhaustion with the negative thoughts and emotions, nevertheless in such lighter
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Mental and Emotional Hygiene in Daily Living

In this day and age, a lot of importance is placed on physical hygiene, but very little on mental and emotional ones. In schools and universities there is very little information (or not at all) on how to deal with ones own thoughts and emotions, and even that information is scarce and insufficient. At homes, parents raise their children based on their own values, with very little knowledge of the thought and emotion culture. Unfortunately then, the lack of this information has created the
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The Effect of Thoughts on Physical Appearance

It is interesting to acknowledge how the physical dimension that we live in is so much affected by other dimensions and planes of existence. Even though often time our reality seems very fixed and rigid, it is not truly so. Everything is affected by time, and organic creatures are also affected by their ow minds. This is even more so when we speak of humans, the most complex of the creatures (currently known) that live on this planet.
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The Battle of the Opposites Within the Mind

The battle of the opposites is a very important teaching from esoteric psychology, and on which Samael expanded upon in his teachings. The mind is an incredible instrument that we have; it gives us potential to think, plan, and organize our lives in a way that other species cannot, however at the same time it is also a great obstacle to spiritual progress. An ordinary human mind that most of us start any deeper form of spiritual work with is very limited in its scope and potential,
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