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Preparing for and Benefiting from a Mystical Night

In the Gnostic work, life and its diverse aspects are used for the awakening of consciousness. It is well known to anyone interested in the Gnostic-esoteric work, that this work entails using daily life in order to study one’s own psychology, to die to the egos, to develop concentration etc. And just like the day can be used for the spiritual work, so too can the night be used for the same purpose. The most basic way for that would be by doing a dream yoga exercise in which intention is
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The Illuminating Void and the Story of Han Shan

The teaching about Illuminating Void is something that Samael Aun Weor emphasised a lot in several places in his books and talks as a mean to access the Reality that is beyond duality. The term "Illuminating Void" is coming from the word “Sunyata”, which in Buddhism is referring to Great Emtpiness, or the Great Void. In Gnosticism, Samael Aun Weor connects the Illuminating Void with the third ring of the Absolute – the outermost ring of the Ultimate Reality (or the Source) that is
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