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Looking into Past Lives for Knowledge and Motivation

Looking into past lives can be a very motivating experience, and even more so when we are looking into them in the context of the inner work. There are many people who can remember their past lives; some of them arrived to this memory purely by accident, without even wanting to; many others have had their past lives being shown to them through dreams; and there are also those who have memories of their past lives since childhood. Many spiritual traditions believe in reincarnation, and in
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The Wheel of Samsara, and the purpose of human life

Before I can write about the spiritual path and the 3 keys for awakening, I will say how the universal esoteric teachings, further clarified by Samael Aun Weor, state about the reason why we are here in this physical dimension, and about evolution and devolution. This post is a glimpse of something that has much more depth, but the general idea is here:
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