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How To Experience and Feel Your Consciousness

To have a direct experience of one’s own consciousness seems to be a prerequisite for many spiritual endeavours and endeavours towards higher knowledge. Without knowing what the consciousness is, we are still tapping in the dark and have yet to arrive to one of the first major thresholds of the path. Without this experiential knowledge, we can go up to a certain point, but eventually we have to acquire this experience in order to build up faith in the inner work and in the Being.
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Can Spiritual Practice Help us to Have No Thoughts?

Having no thoughts, or having control over thoughts, is probably one of a larger reason why so many people decide to look into spiritual practices. The state of mind in average human is unfortunately very low, which means that it is polluted with thoughts of negativity, spite, anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, malice, violence, fear, depression...Sometimes people start to do some light form of inner work due to exhaustion with the negative thoughts and emotions, nevertheless in such lighter
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The Battle of the Opposites Within the Mind

The battle of the opposites is a very important teaching from esoteric psychology, and on which Samael expanded upon in his teachings. The mind is an incredible instrument that we have; it gives us potential to think, plan, and organize our lives in a way that other species cannot, however at the same time it is also a great obstacle to spiritual progress. An ordinary human mind that most of us start any deeper form of spiritual work with is very limited in its scope and potential,
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