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Conscious Shocks in the Spiritual Work

In the Work, there is something known as the First and the Second conscious shocks. This term has become familiar in the West, in the context of the inner work, when an Armenian mystic and philosopher, Georg I. Gurdjieff, started mentioning it in his lectures and books. This philosopher has brought the knowledge of esoteric psychology and the multidimensional workings of the microcosm and macrocosm from his travels in Central Asia. The terms the first and the second conscious shocks refer
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Embracing your Shadow: The No-Struggle Approach to Spirituality

There is a popular philosophy that talks about embracing the dark side of one’s psychology, and integrating it with the conscious side. The dark side, in this line of thought, is usually those things that are not accepted forms of behavior; things such as jealousy, arrogance, malevolence, rage, as well as some other strong manifestations of egos that society deem inappropriate. Lighter form of egos, on the other hand, are not seen as a problem in this philosophy. In fact, they are
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