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Two Meditation Approaches by Rudolf Steiner

In many of his teachings, the founder of the Anthroposophic school, Rudolf Steiner, emphasized the need for meditation in order to develop a rich inner life that would eventually lead to the blossom of organs of perceptions with which one can study higher worlds. This Gnostic approach to study of the higher worlds and higher knowledge, Mr. Steiner, called the spiritual science. For the purposes of his research, he mostly taught some simple but effective concentration practices. In today’s
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Some Necessary Qualities for the Spiritual Path

In his book How to Know Higher Worlds, Rudolf Steiner has outlined some of the necessary qualities or requirements that are necessary to walk upon the spiritual path. Due to his enormous contribution to the esoteric corpus of knowledge, Steiner was one of the most prominent spiritual teacher of the 20th century. Although the path he talks about is not as elaborated as what we study in the teachings of Gnosis, the requirements he outlined can be applied here as well. These seven requirements are:
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