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Sacred Dances: The Acting of Movement upon Spirit and Consciousness

Sacred dances are some of the earliest dances in the known human history. For many thousands of years, humans have included movements and rhythmic movements during their religious ceremonies and observances. We can trace this custom in many ancient cultures of the world, such as in North and South America, Egypt, Greece, Babylon, Persia, India, Tibet, in Slavic and Nordic cultures, among the Aboriginal tribes of Pacific islands, and in many other cultures throughout the world. Most
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Reflecting and Meditating on Verses of Sacred Texts

Reading spiritual texts can be a great source of motivation, inspiring us and opening our minds to new approaches and thoughts. Most people read these texts in order to learn something new, which is a valid reason, though such information stays only on intellectual level if it is not understood with the faculty of intuition or grasped by the sufficient free consciousness that an individual have, though as such abilities depend on spiritual level, not everyone can get those insights when
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The Laws of Return (Reincarnation) and Recurrence

There are many Universal laws that govern the cyclic existence in which we move, within the Wheel of Samsara. It is said that the seven dimensions of this Universe are all of different number of laws: the three-dimensional world has 48 laws, the fourth dimension has 24 laws, the fifth dimension (astral and mental plane) has 12 laws, the sixth dimension (causal and buddhic plane) has 6 laws, and the seventh dimension (Atmic plane) has 3 laws, and in the Absolute there is only 1 law.
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Fundamental and Secondary Practices of the Gnostic Teachings

In the Gnostic teachings, there are many practices of mystical and psychological type, that have as the goal to awaken the consciousness and mystical feelings, so that we can move closer and closer to the incarnation of the Being, and later on to the full integration and mergance with it. Everything that we do in this Great Work is to fulfil the highest purpose of our life in and in the Wheel of Samsara – the self-realization of the Being and the liberation from this Universe and its laws;
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