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Opinions of Others About Us and About our Activities

In life, we tend to be quite concerned about what people will think of us, or what opinion they hold of us and of what we do. This concern is often to the extent that we might even adjust our behavior, our thinking, feeling and acting to that of what is socially approved, or to what is approved in the group that we belong to, or whatever the circumstance may be.
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Mental and Emotional Hygiene in Daily Living

In this day and age, a lot of importance is placed on physical hygiene, but very little on mental and emotional ones. In schools and universities there is very little information (or not at all) on how to deal with ones own thoughts and emotions, and even that information is scarce and insufficient. At homes, parents raise their children based on their own values, with very little knowledge of the thought and emotion culture. Unfortunately then, the lack of this information has created the
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Five Aspects of Divine Mother

Divine feminine has always had a very special place in many religions and esoteric traditions of the world. This mysterious force has inspired millions throughout history to contemplation, pilgrimage, meditation, and has even influenced their decisions and the course of daily lives. Even though in many cases this devotion is based on a belief, from it can grow a particular feeling of connection with this force; the force commonly known as Divine Mother.
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Are Psychedelics Useful for Spiritual Awakening?

The usage of psychedelic substances for the purpose of spiritual growth is something that is not uncommon – it has been done for a very long time. Occasionally, authors appear in the West that revive the interest of public in these things. One of such very popular author was Carlos Castaneda, who in the second part of the 20th century went to Mexico to research the spiritual usage of the psychotropic plants, which resulted in him studying from a shaman for a prolonged periods of time. In
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Self-Discipline and its Relation to Spiritual Progress

There are several qualities that need to be applied successfully in order to enter the path of the initiations, some of them are spiritual aspirations, patience, seriousness about the work etc. Each of the components that are necessary have their place in the “building up of the soul”, and so it does self-discipline. It is not uncommon to see people that enter an esoteric school with great enthusiasm and zeal, starting out with practices and asking a lot of questions, but eventually this
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Looking into Past Lives for Knowledge and Motivation

Looking into past lives can be a very motivating experience, and even more so when we are looking into them in the context of the inner work. There are many people who can remember their past lives; some of them arrived to this memory purely by accident, without even wanting to; many others have had their past lives being shown to them through dreams; and there are also those who have memories of their past lives since childhood. Many spiritual traditions believe in reincarnation, and in
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